For years, patients with sleep disorders had to visit a lab for testing. Closures to businesses nationwide have heightened the need for home sleep testing (HST). While many providers may initially scoff at wholesale infrastructure changes, they are important for long-term viability. Migrating a sleep center to a virtual sleep center that offers home sleep testing involves three core components: a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) platform, device order fulfillment, and telemedicine education. Our DreamClear units are shipped directly to patients who are able to view their results within 30 minutes. Physicians also have access to these results and can speak with their patients about next steps without an office visit.

Maintain Electronic Medical Records

Having EMR software can help improve the quality of care given to patients. This reduces medication errors, minimizes the risk of misdiagnosis, and improves communication between providers and patients. Currently, with the difficult times we are facing and adjusting to the new normal, there is limited contact between patients and physicians. A cloud-based EMR is accessible for all staff members remotely via portal from any location. Patient information stored in the cloud allows a significantly larger number of files to be saved.

Send Home Sleep Tests to Patients

As HST continues to grow in demand, efficient order fulfillment is essential to patient satisfaction and well-being. To make it easier for providers, DreamClear handles the shipping procedure after receiving the request from a physician. A home sleep test device shipment should include:

  • Quick shipment from nearest fulfillment center to patient’s location
  • Tutorial videos explaining how to use the unit (also available in app)
  • Disposable connectors
  • Return label and envelope for device return

Sleep test results would be transmitted through the app and shared between the patient and physician. A benefit of DreamClear is that providers do not have to manage any inventory or deal with the sanitizing process. Simplifying the process with an at-home test yields a higher completion rate, since patients will be taking the test from a convenient location.

Provide Telemedicine Education

Telemedicine technology has significantly changed the healthcare industry and is an integral part of virtual sleep centers today. User friendliness has accelerated telemedicine implementation since it makes it easy for physicians to provide end-to-end care for patients. Sleep centers closed due to COVID-19 can now operate virtually. Telemedicine facilitates face-to-face meetings without requiring either party to travel from their home or office. For patients in rural areas, telemedicine is especially valuable considering it might otherwise take hours to meet in person. Physicians can hold consultations to review a patient’s home sleep test results at any time to give them the comprehensive care needed to manage their sleep disorders.

Conduct Home Sleep Tests with DreamClear

During these difficult times, having to adjust and pivot from trusted business methods is challenging. Migrating to a virtual sleep center that administers home sleep tests is a viable solution that yields significant business benefits. Our DreamClear device is a low-risk, low-cost solution that comes with disposable sensors to mitigate sanitary concerns. We will also handle fulfillment and address any problems or damage to equipment. Navigating the new normal doesn’t have to be a challenge for your sleep center. To learn more about using DreamClear to provide end-to-end care at home for your patients, schedule a demo with a member of our team today.