How It Works

The DreamDocs experience is specifically designed to be convenient and cost effective for each patient. Our sleep specialists are involved in every stage of your sleep evaluation and follow-up care.

5 Simple Steps

Make appointment

Book appointment to get started and make an appointment online with a board-certified physician licensed in your state.

Available physician appointment times are presented to select from.

Complete paperwork

You will receive a web link that takes you to a secure patient portal, where you will answer questions about your medical history and complete related forms.

Meet with your sleep doctor online

The first appointment consultation usually takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

As with any doctor appointment, your doctor will ask you questions and provide information about next steps.

Complete testing at home

If you qualify, the physician may recommend either a home sleep test company or suggest a provider close to your home to get screened for sleep disorders. The typical home sleep test can monitor information such as eye movements, oxygen level, heart rate, breathing, body position and snoring.

Follow-up appointment with your sleep doctor

If not reviewed by your family physician, you will again meet with a DreamDocs physician virtually to review testing results and determine next steps for treatment, which may include follow-up tests, sleep medical equipment or prescription medication.

DreamDocs can continue to treat and manage your ongoing care or you can take the results back to your primary care doctor, who can follow-up as needed.

Wide Range of Care


Initial and follow up consults


Evaluation and testing with home sleep study tests


Diagnosis and treatment recommendations


Remote patient compliance monitoring


Ongoing management and counseling


Prescriptions and distribution of medical equipment